SOUNDS PLUS INC. Will be closed as of 6/1/2019

We want to thank all of our customers that have become family and friends over the past 30 years. You are truly the reason for our longevity.

To Our Customers…
We have enjoyed an awesome journey that we could have never imagined when we began. While technology and trends have changed our customers have never changed. Any business would be blessed to have the customers we have has over the last 30 years. To all of those who have supported us we say, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

While the oppressive anti-business regulation and taxation from the state of California play the largest part, the ultimate decision was made because it was time for this chapter to come to an end. Doing business in California today has become difficult in that we can not provide the high quality at a fair price in the current market. It spans many areas, suppliers, employees, internet and others. It simply is not what it once was, it has changed so much that we decided to “go out on top”.

Vendors, suppliers, customers, and employees we want to thank you from the heart for the memories that will be with us always, you will all be in our thoughts and prayers.

Steve & Donna, Adam, Liam, Dave and all of the incredible technicians.

Concerning Equipment
All of the items we sold were sourced as close to factory direct as possible and carry manufacturer warranty from date of purchase.

Below you will find manufacturers info for any warranty situations.
Kenwood 800-322-3848
Alpine 800-832-4101
Axxess 800-221-0932
AD 573-756-2049
Audio Control 425-775-8461

Concerning Service
We have encountered many competitors over the years there are a few that are quality enough to have developed relationships with. When looking for another shop we highly recommend these 2 shops, each for very different reasons. They are owned and operated by men of quality character which is visible in their sales and installations.

Tune Time

Mike Stoeckman
(909) 792-0700
1000 New York St #105, Redlands, CA 92374

San Bernardino Audio Extreme
Troy Gallager

(909) 383-3636
550 S E St, San Bernardino, CA 92408